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How to find a midwife and pediatrician?
Where to give birth?
How to get Elterngeld and Kindergeld?
Where to find classes in English?
What to do with your baby?
How to meet other parents?
How to find a Kita?

Having a child is exciting – paperwork is not πŸ˜….

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We've hand-picked deals from a selection of local companies. They offer fun, useful products and services for you and the kids. Most are parent owned and many are Berlin based. Treat yourself.

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Who We Are

Hi there!

We’re Jeff and Lisa, an American-German couple. We moved to Berlin when pregnant with our first child. We went through the same process as everyone else – finding a midwife, deciding on birthing options, researching English language products and services, filling out paperwork... You name it! Now, our youngest just finally started Kita πŸ™Œ.

We look forward to sharing what we've learnt going through the process (twice!) and to facilitating knowledge sharing within the community.

Jeff & Lisa

PS - Reach out any time. Email us at [email protected]

Learn from parents that have been through it. Meet parents going through it now. Find more time for yourself.

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